Student Counseling

In private sector we have found that students generally get confused because of the complex market structure in education. It is necessary to help them to secure their career. We have hired people who are qualified as well as experienced in this field and with their help, we would be able to put our students on the right track.

Students Counseling Office

The concept and importance of Counseling Services for an institution play a very vital role in dealing with a student's personal conflicts. A happy young adult makes a happy student.
Preston College being the Premier Educational Institution of Hyderabad has therefore facilitated in providing this service for its student body as an ongoing part of the Student Services Development Program.


  • ○ Provide a personalized and confidential atmosphere for a student to express himself freely in regards to any stress, whether personal or academic.
  • ○ Evaluate the depth and nature of the stress and take immediate action towards "Stress Management".


A few points of this program are as follows:

  • ○ Build up self-esteem
  • ○ Deal with behavioral problems
  • ○ Suggestions with behavior at home
  • ○ Classroom management
  • ○ Organizational skills with home study
  • ○ Behavior and time management in the boarding house along with the collaboration of the housemaster.



Minimum attendance for the eligibility to appear at the board examination is 75%. For the computation of student attendance a procedure has been approved to submit monthly attendance report to the B.I.S.E Hyderabad. This will bring complete transparency in the maintenance of attendance of student in the Hyderabad Board as well as in the college.


    1. All application for leave are to be submitted to the principal
    2. The name, roll number, class, section of the applicant must be clearly mentioned
    3. The leave application must be signed by a parent/ guardian
    4. In case of illness lasting three or more days, then a medical certificate must accompany the leave application.
    5. In all cases, the principal’s decision shall be final and binding.